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A new wine and food shop has opened in Panzano in Chianti: the “Wine Gourmet La Ripa”. At the helm is Lorenzo Losi, who has created a treasure trove of flavours, where you can find locally produced food and wine and also products that come from a little further away.

Lorenzo Losi

This is not the typical tourist souvenir food shop, which we are accustomed to seeing around the Chianti region. It’s a top-quality grocery shop aimed at local people as well as visitors.

The people that live here all year round are “the bread and butter” of the business, that’s why this shop pays special attention to local customers. But we’re sure that tourists will come too.

This is the viewpoint of the owner, Lorenzo, who comes from the province of Siena and moved to the Chianti region to follow his passion: a small shop that sells top-quality cured meat, artisan cheeses, typical sweets from Siena and a selection of wines ranging from Champagne to Vermentino Toscano, from Sovana’s Malbec to Chianti Classico.

There’s a large table in the middle of the store where you can sit and taste the products directly, matching them with the best wine.

Today it’s only by shopping in the street markets that we can learn about where the food is produced and exchange recipes ideas. Far better than simply trusting an anonymous label on the back of the package.

The “Wine Gourmet La Ripa” promotes this type of conviviality, an old-style shopping experience, a place where you can buy your favourite cheese after having tasted a few varieties.

The range of wine on offer is a universe in itself, a separate chapter that we will be telling you about soon… .