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A desperate cry rises from the fields of the Chianti region, this is the Tuscan farmers asking for help using their typical irony.

They’re having great success on line with a video with the hashtag #adottauncontadino (“adopt a farmer”).

Who are the actors? Agricola La Formicola (Oil and Vegetables), Agricola Ottomani (wine and oil), Poggio Solatio (Fruit, Wine and Oil), Agricola Altiero (wine and oil), Agricola D’Ercole (vegetables and cereals).

“With this video – explains Riccardo Lupino, of La Formicola, where the idea started – we’re trying to raise awareness about the issue of ungulates, as this matter isn’t been given much consideration.”

“The hashtag #adottauncontadino is deliberately provocative – he explains – and ironic, but the problem is serious. The actors are all local farmers.”

“None of the farmers hates ungulates,” he concludes. “We don’t enjoy killing roe deer or wild boars, but people have to understand that when farming began in these areas, wild animals were driven away for a reason. With this amount of ungulates around, cultivating fields is becoming impossible.”

Otherwise, as we say in the video, you will be provided with an IBAN number to make your bank transfer to adopt a farmer… #adottareuncontadino!