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A country walk is organised on Sunday 29th in Castelnuovo Berardenga, to live and appreciate the landscapes and traditions of the Chianti region, and enjoy its delicious olive oil.

This is part of the event “Giornata nazionale della Camminata tra gli olivi” – a series of country walks amongst olive groves that will take place in 120 Italian towns.

The “Camminata tra gli olivi” is a 10 kilometre walk that will start at 9am in Pianella, near Ponte sull’Arbia, and will take you around the countryside where the olive oil is produced.

The itinerary, which is enjoyable for even the less experienced walkers, will end with a visit to the olive-press of the Dievole Azienda Agricola, where you’ll have the opportunity to watch the olives being pressed.

You will then be able to take part in the “Pranzo della Frangitura” lunch at the restaurant Peposo in Pianella, which is the departure and arrival point of the excursion, to taste bruschetta with the new oil and other dishes from the Tuscan tradition.

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