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Like all small countries, Villa Garibaldi has its association it’s great!

A group of irreducible volunteers organizes festivals with traditionally meals cooked from locals.

At the Festival, they present the strictly handmade Mantuan “Tortello” and Rice “alla pilota”, both typical dishes.

Simone Moschini, however, had long taken on a chef’s career when he heard the call of the countryside.

As a chef, it would be useful to start this adventure to better understand the seasonality of the products that were processed daily. And that is how the “Cavolo a Merenda” was born: a cook, a small horticulture and … so much love!

In the small farm of Simone, about half a hectare, vegetables are grown from the most classic to the more curious ones.

Everything in respect of nature and health. In addition to the production and sale of fruit and vegetables, there are fresh sprouts and aromatic and officinal herbs.

Products that are not sold as soon as they are caught in the field are processed into composites, syrups, infusions, pods and pickles.

Directly from Simone’s garden: Hemp “Crespelle” with chicory, ricotta cheese and hazelnuts.