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A long list of countries, fifty-eight in total, will be represented on Sunday in Gaiole in Chianti at the twenty-first edition of L’Eroica.

Starting with the highest number of participants, the list of countries includes: Italy, followed by Germany, UK, Switzerland, France, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Spain, Australia, Norway, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Japan, Croatia, New Zealand, Argentina, Latvia, Hungary, Serbia, Brazil, Finland, Bulgaria, Afghanistan Uruguay, Colombia, El Salvador, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Kazakistan, Turkey, Portugal, Venezuela, Monaco, Albania, Azerbaijan, Vanuatu, Malta, Georgia, Panama, Perù, Isle of Man, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, China, Gabon, Pakistan, Greece.

There will be more than 7,000 cyclists at the starting line, including about 850 women, a record that shows how much the passion for cycling and for the values that characterise L’Eroica is growing.

There is a curious detail among the women, a Chinese woman is the only representative of her country; it will be interesting to discover where she is from and why she has this amazing passion for heroic cycling.

Looking at the list of countries, it is easy to dream of a world on two wheels with the bicycle centre stage. L’Eroica is becoming ever more international thanks to the Eroicas in the world; Eroica South Africa, Eroica California, Eroica Japan, Eroica Hispania, Eroica Britannia, Eroica Limburg, Eroica Punta del Este, as well as the other Eroicas in Italy; Nova Eroica and Eroica Montalcino.

And the idea is to channel this huge passion for cycling so as to help build and sustain the future of the sport.

In 2018, from 27 April to 1 May the “Toscana Terra di Ciclismo Eroica” (Tuscany Land of Heroic Cycling) for U23 cyclists.