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“Evoo World Ranking” presents the world classification for extra Virgin olive oil based on a selection of the best extra Virgin olive oil and best companies already awarded during international competition.

OLIO_DIEVOLE_2016_dopIn the 2016 in edition, Dievole arrived in third place and its extra Virgin Dop Chianti Classico Olive Oil came in 19th out of the top 20.

For the classification, prizes awarded by books or magazines that don’t represent international competition are excluded.

These are classified by continent and nation with the Mario Solinas del COI Prize, a more important award. This ranking shows us not only which are the best EVOO and companies but also establishes the best variety.

Dievole Dop Chianti Classico 2016 olive oil, also received the following prizes between 2016 and 2017: Premio Armonia International oil contest, DOP Chianti Classico 2016 – 3^ Trophy; International Olive Oil Competition China – Silver Medal; Olive Japan – Gold Medal; New York EVOO Competition – Gold Medal; Los Angeles International Competition – Silver Medal; Maestro d’Olio – Corona Maestro d’Olio.

The oil is green with golden highlights. It has the fruity scent of mature olives with aromatic notes of herbs and spices. The taste is robust with a medium-intense bitterness and is decisively spicy.ù