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The recipe for “crostini di fegatini” has always been an icon of typical Tuscan cooking, appearing on every holiday table and in every restaurant.

The chef of La Foresteria di Villa Cerna, Luca Tinti, and his right hand man, Francesco Francini, respecting the tradition, has studied this recipe in an innovative key and proposes it to his guests at the Foresteria Villa Cerna .

The dish is a terrine of chicken livers with cream of shallots and tomato confit. Take an onion, chicken livers, some sage, a garlic clove and some Holy wine. Saute everything but the livers with olive oil.

When it is browned, remove the garlic and add the cleaned chicken livers.


Saute them well and then add a glass of Holy wine. Once the wine is reduced, take everything off the stove and blend it with a filet of anchovy, some capers and butter.

The mousse is ready to be transformed into a terrine: put the mix in a mold and put it in the refrigerator.

After a few hours, it will be ready to be sliced. For the cream of shallots: take 6 shallots, a bit of olive oil and saute for a few minutes. Add vegetable broth and stew the shallots.

After 10 minutes, put it in the blender to prepare the cream. Put it in the refrigerator. Last step: tomato confit. You will need cherry tomatoes, brown sugar, sea salt thyme and olive oil.

Put the tomatoes in a pan and add the other ingredients put it all in the oven at 180 degrees centigrade for 15 minutes. It is ready.


You are now ready to assemble the various components. At the bottom of the plate put the of cream of shallots. Add a layer of terrine and then the tomato confit on top.

Decorate the plate with 2 thin layers of toasted Tuscan bread and a bunch of parsley. Buon appetito!