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Just a few months ago, we got to know Marco Rimondi, who captured our attention with the trailer of his film about Luciano Berruti.

Those few minutes of film reveal Luciano’s charm and the appeal of his story that we followers of L’Eroica only know in part.

Marco has a dream that has now become the dream of the whole Eroica team: to finish the short film introducing Luciano to the world. Many know the face and congeniality of the man behind L’Eroica but few are aware of his simplicity and depth.

That is why we are calling out to all “eroici” through the launch of our first crowdfunding campaign on the Triboom platform. Our objective is to raise 30,000 euro or more, so that Marco can produce the best documentary possible. Here is the video project presentation with Marco and Luciano.

Recounting Luciano means, among other things, talking about good principles. From his stories and testimonies of people who are closest to him, it is clear how he lives according to these principles and how he observes them.

Gian Carlo Brocci, creator of L’Eroica, describes him as “an example of rare humanity”; other people call him generous, tenacious, loyal and pure.

He is also a character with an awesome cycling culture. He is thus defined as one of the greatest connoisseurs throughout Europe, both from a technical point of view and a sporting one.


This is a documentary film lasting 26 minutes with the purpose of telling the story of a man and let people know much more about him.

The documentary is structured on the story recounted by Luciano and some people who know him very well, including childhood friends and family members.

During the filming, we realised that, maybe because of his simplicity, Luciano has a way of narrating which fascinates who listens to him, so we tried to take advantage of this fact leaving much space to his words.

Moreover, the suggestive images filmed in action and the activities that Luciano daily conducts in his workshop and in the museum were fundamental.


“L’Eroico” is the first Heroic community fundraising campaign on Triboom, with the objective to finance the making of the film, totally focused on the figure of Luciano Berruti.

For people who will support the project there will be many types of “rewards”, ranging from the digital link to the film and to exclusive days in Cosseria with Luciano, having cocktails and spending special moments during different stages of the Heroic.

We invite you to read the complete list in our campaign. Your help becomes essential in this “collective race” to reach all together this goal!

Here is the project on the Triboom platform.