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The Spring sun invites us to take a ride around the Chianti countryside, among pure air, blinding colors, and landscape and architectural beauty.

A taste stop should not be missed, perhaps for Sunday lunch or Saturday brunch. In Badia a Passignano, facing the ancient Abbey, in one of the most beautiful villages of Chianti Classico, Stefano Puliti and Maria Abbarchini have been greeting clients for years at the Ristoro L’Antica Scuderia.

Here, together with the chef Maria Abbarchini, Claudio Caporali, Enza Cherubini, Guenda Giambrone, Martina Campoli, Adelina, Ida and Daniele Falciani work in the kitchen which changes its menu monthly according to seasonal offerings.

In the dining room, Stefano coordinates the group, composed of Elena Puliti, Arben Gashi, David Niccolini, Tea Bencini.

Pizza is another must of the Ristoro, starring Giovanni Iacolare, who produces incredible naturally rising pizzas every evening.

What do we suggest? Lunch with two dishes, wonderful and simple, which exhalt fantastic products.Stefano Puliti will suggest paired wines from his extensive cellar.

One of their best offerings is the “padellata” of Parisi eggs with grated truffles. The ingredients are three. Black Scorzone Truffle from Chianti, Parisi eggs, and the copper pan!

These are the best ingredients around, featuring eggs from home bred hens who are nourished on goat’s milk. The shells are very white and the flavor is heavenly.

For a local wine, the private collection of Isole e Olena De Marchi, a pure Chardonnay aged in barrique, is exceptional.

After the eggs…dessert. Millefeuille made up of mixed berries, mint, Italian chantilly cream. The pastry is homemade.

Pairing? A spectacular Vinsanto di Capezzana (Trebbiano and San Colombano). Tasting is believing!