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MatiaBarciulliI just bought a loaf of hot bread. What a fragrance! What could be better than eating it with a nice slice of prosciutto?

One could get lost speaking about prosciutto. Let me give you some advice. Buy excellent prosciutto.

For example, the “Consorzio del Prosciutto Toscano Dop”, does an excellent job, selecting and growing with their associates.

Tuscan prosciutto, with an excellent salting process, can be eaten as is or used in a recipe.

Let me share a recipe that combines monkfisk with prosciutto. Cook some lentils with herbs, thyme and prosciutto fat cut in tiny cupes. In the meantime, wrap filets of monkfish in finely sliced prosciutto.

Put the fish in the oven at 200 decrees centigrade for 8 minutes. Serve the fish with the lentils and a bit of excellent olive oil. Try it!

Matia Barciulli, chef, coordinatore tecnico ristoranti Antinori, babbo di Brando