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Cristina Cellai, originally from Castellina in Chianti, is beautiful and unique and looks a bit like Angelina Jolie.

She has an intense look and a winning smile, and a beauty mark on her cheek. She is gorgeous; inside and out.

She is forthcoming, simple and altruistic. In 2003, in the middle of her success, between the runway and TV, she left her career for love of her husband, ex- soccer player, now coach. She wanted to be a full time wife and mother, a choice in values.

She is first in line for solidarity events, including one in favor of Francesco, a local boy who became paralyzed after a motorbike accident. She is very much involved with “SfiliAMO Castellina Solidale”, a fabulous fashion show which rivals one of famous designers.

On June 17, in the Piazza del Comune, the locals will be wearing clothing of local businesses in favor of charity. The evening will be presented by Cristiano Militello and the Italian champions of Latin American dance. Cristina will grace the stage in a wedding dress.

“I began at the age of 17 with Miss Italia”, says Cristina. “In 1997 I came in second and in 1998 I was second in the Miss Europa contest. I then began to model”.

“Following a TV series, in 2000-2001 I was a “Letter girl’ for the program, Passaparola, One of the top TV shows of the period, together with Silvia Toffanin and Alessia Fabiani. It was great working with Gerry Scotti, and I had a lot of fun”.

“Then I fell in love. I already knew Davide. He played for the Fiorentina soccer team and I was a fan. Destiny had us meet several times over a couple of months, even next to each other at the airport gate. We were both returning home, I from school and Davide from the Reggina soccer field. We became a couple right away. After 3 months, I became pregnant with Arianna, We were married after she was born. Francesco followed in 2007″.

“I have always followed Davide,” she continues. “Being an upper level soccer player requires sacrifice. From the outside it seems like a fairytale, but reality is different. Athletes need their loved ones nearby”.

“The charity event was organized by the Association, Amo Castellina, and me,” she explains, “with the collaboration of La Racchetta and other local associations. It is also backed by the Township. The proceeds will be donated to those affected by the earthquake”.

“I have no regrets,” she concludes. “I based everything on love, and I would do it again. I arrived  second in a beauty contest but first in life. In 14 years of marriage, my husband has always given me love. Arianna and Francesco are our joy”.

Noemi Bartalesi