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The rules of the regional law 30/2003 “Disciplina delle attività agrituristiche e delle fattorie didattiche della Toscana” (rules for activities of agritourism and teaching farms) were recently modified by the DPGR of March 29, 2017, n. 14/R.

With these modifications, the classification of agritourism structures in Tuscany meet the national rules.

By December 31, 2017, farms which already are classified as “agritourism” and which offer overnight stays, can present a declaration of new classification in case the level of classification, identified on the base of the requisites of the new system, is higher than “one”, to the SUAP.

Changes to the rule 4/2003 involve:

– use of products to complete meals

– butchering of poultry and lagomorphs life raised and butchered on site

– meat processing

– free stays for a camper at the farm

– the realigning of acts relative to the table of work hours and the values of gross production established in relation to crops, breeding and agritourism activities

– the interoperability between the Artea platform and the STAR platform regarding DUA/SCIA matters in agritourism.

Information and the text of regulation 46/2003 are available at: e