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In accordance with the ongoing strategy in place for several years, supported by the MiPAAF, the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico continues its activity to set up an Internet Brand intelligence & Protection system/service to map, monitor and promote PDOs on the virtual web markets, dealing both with the leading online marketplaces and increasingly numerous e-shops specializing in wine sales.

In 2016 the project, carried out by CONVEY Srl in Turin, activated an online portal to map 250 e-shops and nine marketplaces similar to eBay, with the capture and in-depth analysis of over 5000 ads for Chianti Classico from about 350 unique sellers worldwide.

Developments in the early months of 2017 have registered doubled performance from the system in worldwide source cover: the nationally-located eBay Online Marketplaces are now joined by all the online platforms of the Amazon “family”, while there are now 500 e-shops, appropriately selected on the basis of the markets in different countries and their respective Internet visibility.

According to Sergio Zingarelli, Chairman of the Consorzio: “While we must bear in mind that the system under scrutiny is an absolute innovation on the national and international overview, it’s important to underline that the benefits to the Consorzio of using such innovative solutions are not limited to the sphere of protecting PDO products (fighting fake products, Italian sounding, compliance with regulations, etc) which can now be made with new scope and approaches, but  also and above all serve the purpose of supporting a new type of marketing strategy to reinforce international promotion of the PDO through the new channels of e-commerce”.


Giuseppe Provera, director of CONVEY Srl, adds: “For the first time, information about the existence and specific features of a new  international online sales network specializing in wine will be fully available and systematically user-adjustable. It consists of several hundred carefully selected and assessed e-sellers who are digitally accessible through a wide range of communication and promotion strategies”.

Zingarelli concludes: “The system’s ouput forms a heritage of inestimable value which will innovate and render more effective the core activities of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico. These new solutions will enable the Consorzio to reinforce its protection strategies against the risks presented by the Web, and at the same time facilitate and support the member producers wishing to enter the new worldwide online markets, increasing and guiding their export potential”.

The Consorzio is now halfway through the projected development plan for this system: it is hoped that the experience may become a model of good practice that other producers’ consortia can adopt.