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Andrea Cadamuro, 24 years old, is a student at the University of Trento. He contacted WeChianti to ask for help in creating his graduate thesis. Let’s see why.


Andrea Cadamuro

“I will be in Chianti until May 30”, says Andrea “for research on my thesis about the Eroica race and the impact that this event has on the territory of Gaiole and Chianti”.

“My major is in the management sustainability and tourism. Thanks to the help of the Foundation, I am doing my internship here, and this stage also includes my research”.


In particular, it deals with the evaluation of the economic, social and environmental impact that this event has on the territory of Gaiole in Chianti and on Chianti in general.

“For this I have decided to prepare three questionnaires for the local population, local economic activities and participants in the event, in order to have a shared vision and to be able to combine the results”.

“My passion for the bicycle,” he says proudly, “and for tourism, has brought me to this thesis. I was here last October to attend the Eroica race, but unfortunately I have never participated”.

In conclusion, this is a thesis that can also give the answer to the question, “how much good does the Eroica race bring to Gaiole and Chianti?” If you are interested in answering the questionnaire, this is the link.

Here, however, the questionnaire reserved for participants: