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Tourist transportation and boarding services must be updated according to the law. So says the “Metropolitan City of Florence” (“Metrocittà”).

“For some time now – says “Metrocittà” – numerous hotels and other hospitality facilities have been proposing and carrying out numerous tourist services on websites for their clients; for example, guided tours, excursions, wine tastings, restaurant reservations and a gamma of other services, in order to meet the requests of their clients”.

In order to regulate this phenomenon and to legitimately protect the work of travel agencies, the Tuscan Region has created Article 31 regarding tourism (regional law n. 86 of 2016), which establishes that the commercialization of these services requires two conditions: the acquisition of these services can take place “only after the beginning of the principal touristic service”.

In other words, the hotel can’t make these reservations for their clients until they are checked into the hotel, neither by internet, nor by other means. The price foe these services must be clearly specified and can not be included in the price of lodging. They must be separately billed and paid separately by the client.

“In consideration of this,” concludes the Metropolitan City, “and in order to avoid sanctions by the receiving structure and to protect the activities of the travel agency, we invite the receptive structures which sell their clients tourist services, to modify their websites to conform to the regional laws as soon as possible. They are advised that they must follow the rules of the regional law regarding sales activity”.