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Elisabetta Rogai, Florentine but “Sancascianese” by adoption, is known as the artist who paints with wine. We are going to talk about the emotions that she evokes with her portraits, portraits which have the power to stop time in its tracks.

They make an expression immortal, give it an attitude, a heartbeat, construct a face. A body, a shoulder, hands, an untamed curl, everything is wrapped in a sense of lightness, with veils of silk which caress the body, which isn’t afraid of showing itself and thus reveals an iconic statue.


Elisabetta Rogai (ph. Dario Garofalo)

The hair, a light, weightless frame, renders a woman certain of her charm and femininity, her body revealed with every move, from the most ethereal to the most languid, ready to donate her beauty to time through the portrait of the artist.

She bats her eyes and reveals infinite emotions, sensations that each of us reveal in front of the artist’s pallette, unveiling oneself and confessing our inner self.

The moment, the brush sweeping quickly, the combination of oil paint and wine, the use of wine, the label that tells stories: faces, a voyage, the projection of times of surprise, illusions, pain as well as joy and love. The artist steals dreams and freezes glances, adventures, not illusions but suggestions.

“Bella Katty” is happy to be a proud mother, the tenderness of the conquest of maternity by Angela… a finish line, the entrepreneurial pride of Salvatore, the irony of Diana’s (a wine producer) face, the joyous enchantment of twins, Francesca among the olive groves, captured in a sensual labyrinth.

Irene’s pause after a song, Matteo’s thoughts with Florence in the background, signs of life in human form, the interrogative of two running women, smiling and complicit,


Tiziano’s eagle, love represented by two race horses, the joy of waiting for a season full of flowers.

It is the construction of the world as the artist actually views reality, dream and fantasy, worlds and ways of living daily, codifying language and behavior, building an identity, producing not only simbolic and desirable images, but mainly revealing the reality of the artist.