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Liver crostini are a grand classic of Tuscan (and Chianti) cuisine. It is a dish passed on from generation to generation as an antipasto for Sunday lunch or to celebrate important moments at the table.

CrostiniNeri1They seem easy to make, but as Francesco Sorelli explains in his book, “La Toscana di Ruffino” (here on Amazon), it is a delicate antipasto, an exception to the “poor” diet of work days, with a decisive flavor, served in large trays.

To be divided among many and eaten with your hands, they are both fun and flavorful.

The base of this patè of chicken livers is often accompanied by spleen and sometimes by the heart.

Chicken parts, once cooked, have always been considered to be delicate and aromatically complex.

During preparation it is common to add some holy wine. Anchovies and capers contribute to balance the sweetness of the dish, enriching it with a strongly pleasant taste, both fresh and tasty.

For the crostino, you use a “stinco” or “frusta”, a type of baguette, possibly toasted. Many dip the crostino in meat broth before adding the liver mixture.

Francesco Sorelli – My Tales of Tuscany – Foto di Sandra Pilacchi