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After the huge success of the first edition of last year, the second “new vintage” collection (Festa dei Confetti) returns to Mercatale on April 23.

It is a day dedicated to the vintage world and all of its aspects: from the market to the vintage auto and motorcycle show, to the 60s/ 70s fashion show and a swing dance exhibition.

Last year the creativity and attention to details of the new vintage collection of Mercatale, was organized by the Pro Loco of San Casciano with the contribution of ChiantiBanca, the ChiantiBanca foundation and the participation of the Mcl club and the “casa del popolo”.

Edizione 2017

Edizione 2017

The market participants and the organizers worked very hard for the long awaited event; a new festivity with an old flavor. The theme, vintage, was well defined by the organizers and many applicants were not accepted. The market stands were filled with memories from the past.

The autos in the Piazza (thanks to the Motoclub Pantera, Military Car, and Vintage autos, AGAVE), had the flavor of yesteryear. The swing dances in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, accompanied by Rodolfo Banchelli and the “Bottega dello Swing”, the pie eating contest at the “casa del popolo “ in via Sonnino, the luna park, and the paintings and other works of children were much appreciated.

In the end, the most popular were the very young who paraded through town in clothing from the theatre shows of the Teatro Piero Marni and the group, Cinema Teatro Fulgens of Mercatale: Francesco Moriani, Klevis Dupi, Anna Chiti, Ilaria Aglietti, Claudia Aglietti, Laura Piazzini, Mariasofia Ottaviani, Arianna Tripodi, Marta Belloni, Gemma Nencioni, Sara Chiti, Pietro Bucciarelli; all smiling.

With much freshness, they brought us “vintage” with a touch of originality and youth. We are sure that the celebrations will meet our expectations this year as well.