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We wanted to see the preparation of the Condiments that will accompany the “Gran Bollito” dinner with our own eyes.

The dinner will take place on Thursday, March 16, at the Locanda Mammarosa, in Calzaiolo (San Casciano).

The mixed boiled meats will include veal, tongue, muscle, pork cheek, “campanello”, cotechino and hen. The first course will be made with the broth of the meats.

Antipasto will be a salad made up of “nervetti” (pork foot, tripe, and ”centopelli”) with crispy vegetables. The side dish will be boiled carrots and zucchini and butter, Sweet and sour onions and boiled potatoes and fennel.

The three Salvatore Giardinetto, a master chef who guarantees that extra touch. Sauces will be made by all of the ingredients are first quality.

First we have to classic “salsa verde”, meet with parsley, extra virgin olive oil, sweet and sour onions, bread, mint, pickles, capers, anchovies and mustard.

Then there is the aromatic “salsa rossa”, made with onions, peppers, tomatoes, cinnamon, clothes is a, vinegar and mustard which are slowly cooked the casserole and then whisked and put through strainer, making it smooth.

Last but not least is the honey sauce: the chef boils walnuts and one by one appeals them. They are then put in the mixer together with millefiori honey, almonds , broth and mustard for an extraordinary results.

If you would like to partake in this tasty meal with creme caramel as dessert, the cost of the dinner is €28 including water, wine and coffee. For information and reservations, Locanda Mammarosa call day at 055-8249193  or send an email to