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At WeChianti we tell many stories about people who believe in themselves: in their own creativity, their own hands and their own enthusiasm.

This story is from the town of Tavarnelle. A few months ago, Margherita Felace had an idea. Starting on March 1st, her dream will become a reality, as she opens her shop “Moda su Misura” (Made to order Fashion) in the heart of town.

In a time when dressmaking seemed to have disappeared from daily life, someone is betting upon creating clothing with her own hands.

We are talking about the dressmaking shop born from the passion Margherita Felace, helped by the well-known experience of Tina Marzi.

Margherita, 30 years old, has always worked in the fashion field and her passion has finally helped to realize her dream; a shop that offers made to order clothing, repairs and adaptations.

She also will be featuring a selection of clothing and handmade accessories from 0 km, all with a unique and youthful vision.