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The countdown begins: on March 16 at the Antinori wine cellars, the “Premio il Magnifico” (Magnifico Prize) will reveal the best olive oil in the world in regards to the  2016 campaign.

The contest not only wants to assume the role of judge in evaluating the year’s product but, since its birth, the prize has aimed to be the flagbearer for a cultural ferment which has been revolutionizing the olive oil world for years, bringing the best olive oil possible to our tables.

Franco Pasquini

Franco Pasquini

The jury, this year presided over by Franco Pasquini, head of the panel and the president of ANAPOO (the national Association of professional olive oil tasters) which, has divided the job of the tasting commission into two areas, has a fundamental role.

The first selection will be by the most authoritative professional tasters of ANAPOO and the consortium of Olive oil DOP, Chianti Classico.

Marco Scanu_dievole_primo premio

Dievole 2016

The 24 finalists, will be examined by a commission made up of the best professional tasters on the world level, TOP PANEL, which, according to strict objective evaluation methods, will have the task of establishing which oil will be the successor of the 100% Italian olive oil, Dievole, winner of the contest in 2016.

The event, in its 5th edition, will allow Europe to acquire a main role in international oil competitions since, over the years, it has seen an exponential growth in interest as well as the participation of the best companies of the hemisphere.

This is a contest which is not aimed solely at the rewarding of a prize, but has the aim to spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil of high quality on the market and to the public.

To assist this goal, AIRO (the international Association of olive oil restaurants), through it’s network of contacts, will allow its associates the possibility to acquire a selection of the best oils of the contest.

In fact, the association depends on the restaurant business to commercialize high quality olive oil. In this light, the association would like to reward some prizes to those professionals who, over the year, 2016, were distinguished through the use of high-quality olive oil.

Therefore, AIRO will award the following: best olive oil “chef”, best olive oil “restaurant”, best olive oil “pizzeria”.