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Prosciutto, its preparation, and the final taste, are some of the parameters used in evaluating of the product by butchers who identify with the profession.

Emiliano Parti, owner of the butcher shop of the same name in San Donato in Poggio, speaks regarding the subject. From his storeworkshop in via Senese he tells us how the delicacy is created.

“Our prosciutto is born from the choice of selected thighs of national provenance,” he begins, “possibly local. They are chosen according to the proportion of fat versus lean as well, and afterwards they are hung and salted”.

He tells us that “a typical seasoning lasts 21 days. After this procedure, the prosciuttos are washed, dried and put it into the appropriate coolers to rest for at least 100 days”.

“The next step is the seasoning” Emiliano continues while he explains the procedure. “The prosciuttos are manually inspected one by one, insuring that there aren’t imperfections. After, they are flavored with garlic and pepper and they are put in a special room, where they remain for a year”.

“This process has many details with nothing left to chance,” Parti concludes “All of these procedures are done by hand and with artisanal production systems. They respect tradition and a particular attention to the products. This is achieved only through a limited production number”.

Matteo Pucci