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From the school to the piazza to the trails to the villages to the parks; the creativity of children becomes alive and spreads through the creative workshops of Chianti.

The students of San Casciano rediscover and valorizet he territory and the cultural identity of their birthplace as if it were a mosaic to recompose, to rebuild with ideas, creative spirit and the enthusiasm of he who lives and resides among the most beautiful hills of Tuscany.

Landscapes, monuments, museum spaces, churches, traditions, handicrafts, artistic heritage, innovation and agriculture; all of these offer a diverse way to grow, taken by hand by the beauty and resources and the 1.000 faces of San Casciano, through experience, manuality and hands on activities.

A little bit art historians, a little bit farmers, a bit artisans and tourist guides as well. The project by the school system of San Casciano, which has received ministerial financing after earning the 8th position on a national list, second in Tuscany.

The project puts its focus on the vocations, potential talents and interests of the students to help them grow through a direct and practical knowledge of reality. The territory will be reexamined, promoted and communicated with the eyes of the students, through a project which integrates activities and diverse disciplines.

“The creative workshops offer a stimulating occasion for the growth of the students who will learn from the history and wealth of the territory,” adds the assessor of Public Instructtion, Chiara Molducci “The strong point of this project is the creation of a grand opportunity which will allow the students to be active protagonists in an experimental process of knowledge of the territory. The students will start by uniting head, hands and heart in order to relaunch a patrimony for the future. This is part of our cultural and artisanal tradition”.

The laboratories will find space in the Ippolito Nievo high school, whose locales will be reorganized in function of this new project. Creativity, combined with the right dose of concreteness, will take flight in these laboratories.

The students involved will work towards the design and the realization of a complex system extended to informative instruments, with the objective to increase access to and use of places of interest in San Casciano.