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Castelnuovo Berardenga lauched a program of initiatives at a seminar held at the Villa Chigi. The “Wigwam Local Community” of Chianti and Siena, together with the “Gruppo Escursionisti” of Berardenga, will begin a program to give the Chianti territory the ability to dialogue and create an exchange with the network of local communities which are active among the 21 countries that follow the Wigwam circuit.

A first “package” of hospitality, typical local products and excursions will be brought to the international matching among local Italian communities and those of other countries, which will take place in Padova on March 4-5.


This will be followed by the proposal of a weekend in Chianti on March 11 and 12, with the offer of lodging, hospitality activities, a guided excursion of the territory by foot, and a community lunch to collect funds for the people of Visso affected by the earthquake.

Finally, a project of integration between excursions and sustainable hospitality will be the dominant theme at the national convention that will take place on the first weekend of June in Castelnuovo Berardenga.

The president of the “wigwam circuit”, Efrem Tassinato, spoke at the Villa Chigi, and illustrated the dynamics of the aggregative offer of the local communities and the exchange between the 21 countries involved, the organizational structure and the tasks of the organisms of local supportive and sustainable development, and finally, the opportunities of work represented by the new profession of “operator” of local communities.

piazza- castelnuovo-da- villa-chigi

Castelnuovo Berardenga

This is activity aimed to facilitate the organization and promotion of the integrated offer of the territory (excursionism + reception + restoration + spas + typical products).

Sustainability is inherent to solidarity, therefore the seminar ended with the presentation of a kit for “pasta alla gricia solidale”, 10 to 12 portions at the cost of €20; it made up of products by agricultural and zootechnical companies hit by the earthquake in central Italy.

The kit (pasta from mountain grain, pecorino from the “Monti della Laga” and “Guanciale” from black swine from Monti Sibillini), can be reserved at Wigwam Local Community of Chianti; Marco Ragni 380-419-3505, or “Gruppo Escursionisti della Berardenga”, Angelo Michele Latorre, 335-871-0598.