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“A toccare con un dito questo cielo che spalanca l’infinito” (to touch the infinite sky with a finger), are song lyrics which perfectly describe the “Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti” (Polyfunctional Observatory of Chianti).

“Astronomitaly” has added it to its certified locales, awarding the structure a GOLD level and naming it as one of the “cieli piu’ belli d’Italia” (most beautiful skies in Italy).

Located in the countryside among Barberino Val d’Elsa, Tavarnelle and Castellina in Chianti, the OPC is the perfect place to become enchanted with the Milky Way and with a breathtaking sky.

Here you can be charmed by the specialties of Tuscany and nature in Chianti’s “Parco Botanico”. This is a one of a kind experience, especially in regards to the structure, built with mostly ecosustainable materials.

It was inaugurated buy Margherita Hack in 2010. In 2013, the Italian astronaut, Paolo Nespoli, started the Center for Research and Training.

The OPC is perfectly in line with the values and the mission of Astronomitaly’s large family, by making scientific activity accessible to the public at-large and bringing it closer to a profound knowledge of the secrets of the sky and astronomy in general.

For this reason, the structure also allows access to the disabled, from the botanical park to the astronomy dome. The non-seeing can also become familiar with the structures thanks to a multisensorial itinerary (tactile and auditory), which was inaugurated this year by Andrea Bocelli (click here and read the article). This is another fine example of the intense activity of the center.

The Observatory is getting ready for the grand telescope of Tuscany (80 cm wide), one of the most advanced Instruments on the national level regarding scientific research and the study of the planet system.

The polyfunctional observatory perfectly expresses the saying, “Touch the sky with your finger,” and will offer you a unique experience.

The certification as one of the most beautiful skies of Italy, an assisgnation of Astronomitaly, was born to pick out and give value to areas of Italy with a low percentage of light pollution and to create events and experiences for astrotourists, in order to protect the beauties of the sky and the earth.