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More than 400 athletes have already signed up for the 11th edition of the EcoMaratona of Chianti, scheduled for October 14 and 15 in Castelnuovo Berardenga.

17 regions are currently represented, led by the home region, Tuscany with 100 participants, followed by Lombardy with 80 athletes, and Emilia Romagna, with around 30.

One quarter of the athletes are foreigners, with Norway in the lead (40 entries), also thanks to Vibeke Bjerg’s FemiRUN project. Vibeke is founder and coordinator of the feminine runner network.

The next represented nation is Belgium, with around 20 runners, followed by Great Britain with around 10. The most popular distance for the women is the intermediate: the Chianti Trail is 21 kilometers long and has more than 150 signees.

The men prefer the double distance, with more than 110 signed up for the EcoMaratona, 42 kilometers long. The entries for the Chianti Trail and the EcoMaratona now have more than 200 signed up for the trials.

On May first, the tariffs changed. They will be valid until September 16: Ecomaratona, 42K and the half Chianti Classico Trail 21K. For the Trail del Luca (14K), the cost will remain valid until October 15.

EcoMaratona del Chianti (42km), 40 euros; Chianti Classico Trail (21km), 25 euros; Trail del Luca (14 km), 20 euros.

For the non-competitive distances: Arceno Nordic Walking (11km), 20 euros; EcoPasseggiata (10km), 5 euros. Quotas for entries for the “Passeggiando per cantine”: over 18, 25 euros; from 10 to 17 years old, 10 euros; under 10, free.

The organization will cease allowing entries with 700 athletes for the EcoMaratona del Chianti, with 1200 athletes for the Chianti Classico Trail (21 km), with 700 athletes for the Trail del Luca (14 km) and with 450 participants for the Arceno Nordic Walking.

The event will take place under all weather conditions.