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“Toscana Ovunque Bella” (Tuscany, beautiful everywhere) has been confirmed by the number of tourists who visited Tuscany in 2016 as well as through the echo of its beauty and the treasures admired throughout the world.

Tuscany reinforces its role as one of the most sought after and visited destinations and is consolidating this tendency thanks also to the site of the same name, proposed precisely to create emotions and live them in first person through the experiences of famous visitors.

“Toscana Ovunque Bella” aims to repeat and improve its performance of the last 5 years, a trend in growth from 2012 to 2016 (+15%) with new proposals for 2017.



At a meeting, organized by the region in collaboration with “Toscana Promozione Turistica” at the “Associazione della Stampa Estera” (Foreign Press Association), to promote and illustrate the project, the regional assessor of tourism, Stefano Ciuoffo, the director of Toscana Promozione Turistica, Alberto Peruzzini, Paolo Chiappini from the Fondazione Sistema Toscana, and some Tuscan businessmen were present and illustrated their experiences.

For the occasion, results of research regarding the perception of Tuscany on the part of the international press was presented. It was led by Klaus Davi and illustrated the tendencies and offers of the sector for 2017.


“Even if Tuscany had inefficient offices and administrations it would still be attractive,” said Assessor Ciuffo. “But it only exists if there is a product built upon logic. Otherwise it can’t function. We can count on a heritage of inestimable value but, however, it cannot be considered merely as a potential. Among those who come here and who would like to come is a space we would like to fill”.

Even betting on the reliability of the offer has become a decisive factor for the success of the region.

“Many tourist operators have changed mentality. After all, tourism represents 10% of the Pil (gross domestic product) for Tuscany. The message that we have given is that here you can bet on the future and on those of your children. We have generated knowledge and a style of welcoming; elements which convince those who have come to return and spread this positivity”.

Ciuffo concludes: “This virtuous process has allowed us to repopulate areas and to encourage the use of the territory and its resources in a sustainable way. It is a process which we support through responsibilization and the training of the principal players”.

Research on the perception of Tuscany in the international press has shown how it is still one of the chosen destinations of international tourism. Its status has been confirmed thanks to a new type of offer which is aimed at the pursuit of hidden  and suggestive places to visit.

Americans are first on the list of admirers (25% who choose the luxury of Florence and the spiritual immersion in the via Francigena. English are also attracted (19%) .

They choose quiet and unexplored locales like Punta Ala, south of Follonica. Germans (16%) love the untamed beaches of the island of Elba and the French (15%) adore small villages with a medieval flavor.

Among the different types of tourism,according to the foreign press, small unknown villages are in first place (29%), followed by cultural destinations (24%) and (19%) those with extraordinary Tuscan wine/ food attractions.The coast and the beach (15%) and the countryside and rural landscapes (13%) are also sought after.

Regarding unusual and new signs from the foreign press which can be transformed into far-reaching trends, we have the so-called phenomena of “Weddings in Tuscany”, following the lead of well known celebrities who decided to get married in the region. These are led by English couples and followed by Americans and Canadians.

In addition to the typical hospitality, the rich food and wine choices in Tuscany, high fashion and artisans render the region attractive.