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57 agricultural projects will be financed for a total of €15 million euros. This is the result of a call for proposals aimed at agricultural and agricultural/food companies which operate for the purpose of transformation, commercialization and development of agricultural products.

Over the last few days a “graduatoria” (graded list) of these companies was approved and published on Burt (undermeasure 4.2), included in the area of programming for rural development.

According to the list, investments were financed which will increase the competitiveness of our firms, to promote the adjustment and technical modernization of our production structures, for transformation and commercialization and to improve the security of workplaces and promote productive processes with respect to the environment.

The requests presented within the closing date, November 30, were a total of 67. Out of these, 57 were allowed financing.

A large part of the Tuscan territory was involved, with requests prevalently from the provinces of Grosseto (16), followed by Siena (15) and Florence (10). Among the interested categories, was zootechnics, which reached the largest number of requests (17), with asking for €6,400,000 in contributions towards €22,260,000 of investments.

Following was viticulture (16 requests), with a request for about €3,730,000 of  contributions towards €10,700,000 of investments, olive producing (11 requests for a total of €1,830,000 in contributions towards €5,600,000 in investments), fruits/vegetables (5 requests, for approximately €1,160,000 contributions towards €4,300,000 in investments), cereal producing (7 requests, asking for approximately €825,000 in contributions towards €2,850,000 of investments).

One request was for the financing of a “multifiliera” (mixed production) with €900,000 of contributions for €3,830,000 of investments.

After approval of the list, the regional offices will now address the single requests: the next step is the emission of the first contract for the assignation of the contributions within the terms of the “graduatoria” (90 days from the publication on BURT).