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Olives oil producers can send their entry for the “Il Magnifico” Prize until January 23rd. In 2017, there will be 24 medals awarded on March 16 at the Antinori wine cellars in San Casciano.

“Il Magnifico” is in its 5th edition and continues its search for the best olive oil in the world. This year there will be new requirements to help the organizers choose the winners.

For those companies that have decided to join the AIRO project (Associazione Italiana Ristoratori dell’Olio), there are specific advantages because the Association for the “Il Magnifico” prize and AIRO both want to preserve specific characteristics of olive oil production. AIRO has recently joined forces with the State forest rangers to control Olive oil bottling.


This year, an important variation regarding the tasting of the 24 finalists includes an excellent panel of judges: 12 experts of the sector will join forces under the guide of the head of the “Il Magnifico” panel, Franco Pasquini, to choose the winners, giving the contest an international flavor, which has been consolidating year after year.

As always, our aim is the discovery of excellence in olive oil of those producers who have the desire for development, research, and production. Those who want to enter the contest can find all necessary information at the following link: