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A while ago, Michela Piccini, office worker at Generale UnipolSai, in piazza Zannoni in San Casciano, had the good idea of mixing art and business.

With the blessings of the owner, Massimiliano Bartolacci, they made the insurance agency available to artists wishing to exhibit their work.

Thus was created a beautiful connection between art and business, improving the workplace with stimulating paintings while, at the same time, entertaining clients.

Until January 8, you can view the photographic collection, “Frozen”, by Susanne Paetsch, a resident of Tuscany since 1990 where she has lived for many years with her family in San Pancrazio.

033“I came here as a textile designer,” Susanne tells us, “and when I arrived in Italy I worked in fashion and porcelain, mostly with declaration. When I started a family I stopped, because I wanted to stay with my children. When I felt the need to begin again, I chose photography, my grand passion. I began to make photographs for a friend who needed pictures of wine and vineyards on her website. I enjoyed this so much that I continued”.

The inspiration for her latest collection came during a trip, photographing pieces of wood that were brought up from the sea to the beach.

“We are talking about scrap wood,” she explains. “In the beginning it seems ugly and dirty but after cleanup it becomes beautiful. I decided to frame my photos with this wood. I used this innovative design, called Fine Art, for my collection of photos on nature and on statues for about a year”.

In the collection “Frozen”, on exhibition in the insurance agency, we can admire delicate flowers bathed in dew on a frosty morning, immortalized by Susanne in the moment they are kissed by the light.

The images printed on cotton paper to create a softer effect, combined with the hardness of the wood, create a pleasant contrast of colors and materials and make each work unique.

“I photograph in pieces, particulars which you don’t see at first, like a wilted flower of about 2 centimeters. I tried to make that particular stand out, especially in respect to the background with which it has to harmonize perfectly”.


We like this collection very much, because it doesn’t deal with invasive subjects. On the contrary, they harmonize well with any mood and environment.

Susanne is a young artist with the desire to do a lot and to make herself known. She awaits you in San Casciano or at the Atelier in Via Maggio in Florence.

Silvia Luis