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The Chianti winter park opens its doors on the Piazza Matteotti of Tavarnelle. The township is ready to entertain all fans of sports and ice-skating during the holiday season.

The mayor, David Baroncelli and Deputy Mayor, Davide Venturini, will inaugurate a large ice skating ring which will be set up in Piazza Matteotti. It is a rectangular structure that measures 26 m x 12 m: you can slide, skate, play games and participate in various activities for children.

For the inauguration on Thursday, December 8, at 4:30 PM, David Baroncelli is offering an afternoon rich in events.


“Natale in Tavarnelle”, explains the deputy mayor David Venturini, “this year is offering an additional gift to the community. With the lighting of the town streets and the decoration of the traditional Christmas tree, we are proposing a fun way to live in the Piazza: a meeting place which will help promote the area and commercial activity of the historic center of town by opening a space with a Christmas theme”.

The inauguration of the rink will be accompanied by an ice skating show at 4:30 PM and with activities for children at 5 PM.

The Christmas program, created by the Township of Tavarnelle together with the Township of Barberino Val d’Elsa, will offer events for the entire holiday season.

“In San Donato in Poggio, thanks to the collaboration of Pro Loco”, continues the deputy mayor,” the tradition of the artistic manger lives on. There will be a contest, “Vivi il Presepe” opened to the public in the program for January 8″.

In Tavarnelle , from December 16 on, the rooms of the Council Palace will host the art show, “Enigmi e segreti”, by Fabio Calvetti, organized by Pro Loco. The exhibit will be open until January 8. There will also be an arts and crafts market along the streets of town for the Fiera dell’Epifania (Epiphany Fair/January 6).