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Sports tourism is conducting an out of season event in the area of Chianti Classico on December 10-11, when the 38th “Fettunta” Rally will take place during the December 8 holiday.

The “Valdelsa Corse” group, organizer of the rally, celebrates the event during the month of December, the traditional appointment for a race that has been closing the rally season since 1977, in conjunction with the presentation of new olive oil. This rally goes beyond borders.

The teams come from all over Italy. The 2015 participants gave proof that the event is national, with Tuscany representing only 24% of teams in modern autos.

In addition to Tuscany, there were an additional eight regions represented: Veneto, Lazio, Sicily, Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, and Liguria.

According to an estimate of the 2015 organizers, there were circa 500 overnight stays in the hospitality structures of the zone and thousands of spectators.

With history, art, olive oil, gastronomy, sports and motors, there are 1000 reasons to run in or to follow the Fettunta Rally, the “Corsa del Chianti” which takes place in the midst of cities of art of world fame: Florence, Siena, San Gimignano.

The rally crosses the beautiful landscape and vineyards of Chianti, its churches and castles, farms and artist workshops, famous wine cellars, olive presses and recalls the history of the Mille Miglia, famous automobile race with its up and downs along the Via Cassia, between Barberino Val d’Elsa, Tavarnelle and San Casciano.

The “grandmother” of all races salutes the Fettunta Rally, modern race where emerging stars and more expert champions of automobile racing meet at the end of the competitive season.