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There is a new way, sustainable and responsible, to go shopping in Tavarnelle. Here you will encounter and learn about the quality of a product, its freshness and typicality, starting from its place in history, work, and the experience of the agricultural entrepreneur.

It is an opportunity for the 0 km market, organized by the Township of Tavarnelle, which has chosen to offer itself as a quality and transparent market where you can find fresh, seasonal food chosen with care; a product whose origin can be verified and brought to the consumer.

The dialogue and contact between the farm and the always more aware consumer, careful in the search for local products, is one of the added values of the market that mayor Baroncelli, with the local Coldiretti associations and mayor C.I.A. are presenting in periodic and experimental form in Piazza Cresti from November 3 – April 20.

“There is a double objective”, explains the Deputy Mayor, Davide Venturini. “On one hand, we intend to valorize and sustain the area products, and on the other we are offering the consumer a quality space, without a middleman, where the origin and relative transformation processes of the farm produce proposed can by verified directly”.

There are 13 dates on the program with the local producers as protagonists, a selection of farms which will offer their excellent products from 8 AM to 1 PM biweekly on Thursdays.

“It is a showcase for the producers of our Territory and the area of Tuscany,” comments the deputy mayor. “It is an opportunity of exchange for the community that valorizes the agricultural vocation in Chianti by promoting and telling the story of our typical excellent production through commercial activity. The initiative has increased the extent of faith, maturity and knowledge on the part of the consumers who are involved in a path of education regarding the seasonality of our typical local and regional products, regarding prime material and transformation. In addition, the costs of the middleman are reduced”.

The kilometer zero market will take place on the following dates:  November 3 and 17, December 1, 15, 29, January 12  and 26, February 9 and 23, March 9 and 23, and April 6 and 20.

“Shopping at the 0 km market”,  Venturini concludes, “is convenient for many reasons. It is a healthy way of eating and promotes a sustainable lifestyle, We give a hand to farm economy and help the health of the environment. It is enough to think that short chain products have low CO2 emissions and don’t pollute because they are consigned directly to the buyer”.

The initiative also foresees the participation of chefs, members of the Florentine Association of Cooks.