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“Seminasogni” (Planting dreams), will be showcased in the hills of Chianti. The natural and artisan farmers’ market returns to Barberino Val d’Elsa on Saturday, October 29, with a new appointment promoted by the Township and proposed by the Pacciamama Association. It is programmed from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Farmers and artisans inspired by the philosophy of 0 km will offer their best products in the stands set up in Piazza Mazzini, next to Town hall. At the market of Seminasogni, you will find high quality products: honey and chestnuts, fruit and vegetables, jams, plants and flowers, hand loomed wools and fabrics, soaps and creams with soap from Aleppo, ceramics and terra-cotta.

“It is an opportunity to buy genuine products from 0 km”, explains Silvano Bandinelli, Assessor of productive activities. “It is an initiative that promotes excellent agricultural items and products tied to quality traditional artisanship, all respecting the environment. The market is presented as promotional, in an experimental form, We would like to offer it as a continuing event. We have put Seminasogni on the calendar for the last Saturday of every month”.