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The name “Triciclo” (Tricycle) includes a baptism in a garage, the idea of movement, and the presence of a trio: two artists and their work.

At the same time they bought a space located between the neighborhoods of El Born and Sant Pera, in Barcelona, the project was born a few years ago in the busy port city of Barcelona.

Started as a type of game, at the base is the original concept of upcycling. More than recycling, it is a creative “re-use”. With a good dose of crafts and artistic flair, what was destined to be thrown away or remain unused becomes transformed into necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, without the use of any type of machine Adele Giuntini and Costanza Nannoni, two girls from Barberino Val d’Elsa began this courageous adventure together by taking advantage of their studies, rolling up their sleeves and learning a new language, Spanish.

And so, their dream came alive, demonstrating the dynamism of youth and Chianti pride. We meet them during the week of the Joya Art Jewelry Fair, an important exhibition in the Rambla of Santa Monica. They are already aiming at extraordinary future projects.

“We have always been friends”, begin Adele and Costanza. “We met while studying at the Art Institute of Florence. We were following two different paths, but still hadn’t ‘dirtied’ our hands. Thus, using discarded materials, we began to create objects in our garage”.

They continue:”We like the idea of the wearable ornament. At the Birmingham School of Jewelry we learned the basics of jewelry creation. We went to Barcelona for three days to show our work to two art dealers, and they urged us to continue along our path”.

“With our portfolio and five experiments and our suitcase”, they continue, “in August of 2014 we moved. We invested our remaining money in a space of 200 square meters and went all out”.

“From there began an exponential growth”, they say “In a constant exchange, we divide the space with every type of art: we organize concerts, theatre shows, exhibitions. We create, show and sell our work (you can see some above in the photo by Massimo Fazio).”

“The challenge is taking something very ugly and making it precious. It passes through four hands and is completed. We have two opposite techniques and trust our respect for each other. The uniqueness of our work mirrors that of the person.” “We have four collections.”

They described them. “Inspired by visual indifference, the first is with toilet paper. The others are respectively with newspapers, leather and linoleum. Tied to an amulet, our strongest intuition comes from the Chianti region: earth, leaves, and trees are always present”.

“What do we like most about our craft?”, conclude the girls. “Without a doubt the liberty of expression and the satisfaction of seeing a customer wear one of our objects with a smile on their face”.

Noemi Bartalesi