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There is a company in the heart of Chianti Classico that thinks, projects and produces most of the electronic and electric material inside the trains of half the world.

Its name is Intersys and its story mixes entrepreneurial excellence and much love for the territory. On October 10, its new area of production will be inaugurated in San Donato in Poggio, when the historical site will be tripled. National and regional sectors of the railroad and other institutions will be on hand.

This is an important event for the company, which rewards the 20 years of work of Gianluca Piccioli, founder and CEO of the company, which he began in 1998 with a firm that now bills almost 10 million Euros per year.

What is Intersys? Among its most important important products are the led illuminations on trains on which thousands of commuters travel every day, signaling headlights, buttons, technology in the bathrooms, the mechanism which controls the pantograph of the Frecciarossa.

Its customers include the primary players of the sector: Trenitalia, Bombardier, Alstom, AnsaldoBreda (now Hitachi).

Intersys is a firm which is opened to the world but strongly rooted in its territory, with 50 workers, many from the area, and suppliers from the Chianti territory that supply 80% of materials needed. Now, with the inauguration of the new space, Intersys has a new beginning and the company is already looking to the future.

Investments are consistent and continuous. These include the technology of “fosfori remoti” (remote phosphors  – where common technology is that of direct conversion phosphors), developing a family of led systems within this system, less clumsy, lighter, and higher efficiency and quality illumination.

Another very important and interesting aspect regards its partnership with innovative startups. The most interesting is that of four young people from Naples who invented a device, Tompac, for the induction charging of cell phones and many other functions tied to the web, specifically for the receptivity of structures.

Intersys, which has created the prototype and will begin production in the San Donato establishment, received confirmation a few weeks ago from a large chain of Russian restaurants which made the first order of Tompac.