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The study of the Chianti region, its typicality, the historic, artistic and scenic resources of one of the most beloved countrysides in the world, becomes a model of internationalization for students in the area.

The youngsters of Chianti improve their knowledge of English through a cultural study of the place in which they live. Chianti Life Inspiring Learning is the name of the project, promoted by seven schools in Chianti, chosen and supported by the Ministry through a public proclamation.

The project aims to reinforce the knowledge of foreign language in the primary schools in the Chianti network and is coordinated by the town of San Casciano.

“The schools in the network”, explains the scholastic director of San Casciano, Marco Poli, “intend to enforce the proficiency in foreign language with the ‘Clil’ method, for the acquisition and consolidation of expertise and to convey knowledge of non-linguistic disciplines”.

Specifically, the project confronts a series of themes connected to the territory where the schools exist. “Chianti”, explains the scholastic director, “as a territory of great interest from various points of view; historic, artistic, scenic and cultural, becomes an inspiring instrument for the detection of various cues and formative activities to accomplish in class through the English language. The project expects to use new technology, didactic workshop methods, production of digital materials to diffuse on a specially crafted web portal”.

The schools involved are those of San Casciano, Giovanni Verrazzano of Greve, Don Milani of Tavarnelle, Antonino Caponnetto and Teresa Mattei of Bagno a Ripoli, Primo Levi of Impruneta.

The project foresees different paths in the various institutes on themes which aim to educate in a multicultural and multidiscipline approach to learning.

“The value of the project,” comments the Commissioner of Public Instruction, Chiara Molducci, “is manifold. The objective is to increase knowledge of the territory in which the students live, Chianti, through the English language. It is possible to stimulate cooperation among the schools of the same area and of educators of different disciplines, to learn to share resources and knowledge and to increment moments of sharing and co-design”.

The Chianti region is characterized by the presence of students from various nations (North Africa, Romania, Albania). “This cultural and multiethnic context”, concludes the scholastic director, “translates into an experience of enrichment and maturing for a co-habitation based upon cooperation and the exchange and acceptance of diversity considered as values and opportunities for growth”.