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The intense color with blue/violet overtones, the dimension of the grape, the right equilibrium between sugars and the level of acidity… everything, from climatic contitions to the characteristics of the fruit, seem to forecast a particularly prolific harvest, producing a high quality vintage.

In the lands of Gallo Nero, the high temperatures we had through the last few months and the absence of intense rain during the summer months were key elements necessary for the process required for the grapes to achieve a good level of maturation in the vineyards of Chianti Classico.

The main aspect of this year’s wine production is more quality than quantity. This is what we learned from a vineyard meeting with the mayor of Barberino Val d’Elsa, Giacomo Trentanovi (also President of the Town Union of Chianti Fiorentino), the Commissioner of Agriculture, Silvano Bandinelli, and some producers of the territory.

Alberto Albisetti, owner of the Castello della Paneretta, promises an excellent vintage.” We had to harvest the grapes a few weeks early”, says Albisetti, “due to the weather forecast which said it would rain during the last few days, but the grape is mature, and will produce a very high quality wine which will be promoted in our country and abroad”.

The Castello della Paneretta consists of 22 hectares of land and produces 130,000 bottles a year, based on sangiovese, cannaiolo and malvasia grapes. The castle is located in the Village of Monsanto and hopes to increase sales on the Italian market.

There are also positive vibes from Paolo De Marchi, owner of the Isole e Olena winery near the Village of Olena, who this year celebrates 41 years of harvest among the hills of Barberino. Isole e Olena extends over 320 hectares and produces 250,000 bottles a year.

“We work with nature”, continues De Marchi, originally from Piedmont, but resident of Chianti for many years. “The variations in weather are the protagonist of this harvest. We are fruit producers before being wine producers, and we invest an entire life project on the cycle of wine. This year we foresee an excellent harvest: dense plants, small grapes, acidity and tannins which mix well, vineyards at 450 meters above sea level. These are the secrets of our wine which we export (80%) to 50 countries around the world”.

“The weather is fundamental”, continues Commisioner Silvano Bandinelli, “and in any case, the fermentation of the wine will maintain the premise of quality, because wine is a living thing. But what I would like to underline is the competence, the passion and the professionalism of our producers, the real promoters of the Renaissance of wine”.

“I hope”, concludes Mayor Trentanovi, “that this year’s vintage will be synonymous with quality, as projected. Wine production is a fundamental base of our economy and can be advantageous to the entire territory”.