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Wine producers stand enthusiastically at their counters at this year’s 46th Chianti Classico Expo. It is an extraordinary chance to sell and to make themselves known.

They are proud of their labor and their achievements and offer a panorama on their wine, wineries and philosophy. They respond kindly to every type of question, thanks to their technical expertise. This year there are more than 60 wineries present, a record.

There are also tens of wineries represented at the Consortium of Chianti Classico Wine counter. The absolute protagonist of every location is…the “Gallo Nero” (Black Rooster). WeChianti is here to give voice to the workers, the real protagonists of the event.

“There are people interested in our work and who want to visit the winery,” begins Paolo Baldini, of Altiero Winery (Montefioralle).

“There are many foreign visitors here, most of whom come from the United States. Since the weather is hot, they particularly appreciate rose’ wine.” “I am really happy about the 2016 vintage, which has a medium-high level,” he tells us. “The 2014 vintage is almost finished, and should be consumed right away. I don’t remember a better year than 2015. Clients are buying it even before it is bottled”.

“There is a lot going on here”,  Francesco Anichini begins, in name of the Vallone di Cecione Winery (Panzano in Chianti). “Since we have extremely natural specific wines, I see many connoisseurs of the product and the grape. For us, it is a nice showcase”.

“In the beginning of 2016 it rained a lot, making things difficult,” he explains. “Things are now in order, and the climate of the last few days will decide everything. There was a big difference between 2014 and 2015. After an inauspicious 2014, the following year will be remembered for a long time”.

“The Expo came alive in the afternoon,” intervenes Niccolò Martelli, owner of Terre di Perseto Winery (San Casciano,), “and is seeing many tourists, especially foreigners. They ask questions about the location of the winery and its production. My young age attracts their attention”.

“The grapes are healthy,” he adds. “We have high hopes for the 2016 harvest that will finish at the end of September. 2014 was disastrous due to the weather, and 2015 went well. We will bottle it at the beginning of the year”.

“There are many wine lovers here”, tells us the Fattoria di Vegi Winery (Castellina in Chianti). “Many nationalities are present: French, German, Polish, Scandinavians, Americans, New Zealanders. They ask about grape classification and pairings. Our excellent Vin Santo (Holy Wine) is our specialty”.

“The summer of 2016 was very dry,” he concludes. “Ideally the grapes will be rebalanced by some rain. It is still early to definitively establish the 2015 vintage. 2014 is here on our stand: rich in aroma and scarce in polyphenols. It should be consumed over the next five years”.

Noemi Bartalesi