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In the wine capital of Greve in Chianti, the historic Chianti Classico Expo continues through Sunday, September 11. Participating are wineries, big and small, family run businesses, and historic farms, all of which are still shining, even after centuries.

A passion for the land combines with universal stories of life; husband and wife, fathers and sons, young foreigners who choose to invest their resources in the potential that Chianti offers,  local producers who inherit coats of arms and lands, a heritage of knowledge guarded for whole generations.

The future intertwines with the past, and continues to be imprinted on the vineyards and products of the Gallo Nero territory. The 46th edition of the Chianti exhibition, on its third day with goblets in pocket, reaffirms itself as an event for all. It is dedicated to producers and consumers of wine, a cultural symbol of a dynamic and unified country.

It underlines a centuries’ old tradition which continually renews the capacity to meet challenges, thanks to the predictions of entrepreneurs.

“Without a doubt, we’ve had an important beginning,” comments the Assessor for Economic Development of the town of Greve in Chianti, Gionni Pruneti. “In comparison with last year’s edition, there have been many more presences in the last few days”.

Hundred of tourists from everywhere have filled piazza Matteotti in Greve, from Japan to Australia, from France to Germany, to the eastern European countries.

“From the first estimate, many wine tourists are here from Northern Europe, others from the West,” adds Pruneti. “This, in fact, is our objective: to offer the wineries the opportunity to showcase themselves at home, particularly important this year for Chianti Classico, which is confirming its strong identity in the territory which has been producing wine at a high-level for 300 years”.

The Expo was born as a wine festival in the farmers’ tradition, with floats and parades, and has reached the professional level of a grand event, organized by the town of Greve, with the collaboration of the Tuscan Region and the Consortium for Chianti Classico wine. The Expo offers a stage that can dialogue with all, experts and not.

“We consider it a moment of celebration and high promotion,” concludes the assessor. “It is enriched by a program of cultural and musical events and excursions, walks, and guided tastings which invite entire families to live the four days of the event as an occasion to become familiar with our territory, as well as a tourism proposal aimed at a heterogeneous public. We hope to repeat last year’s success, a presence of 15,000 tourists and the sale of 8,000 goblets”.