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The tractor trailing a little colored house didn’t go by unobserved when it entered the town of San Casciano and headed for Poggione Park.

People asked themselves if it was part of the ongoing “Festa del Volontariato” (Fair for volunteers). But when, after a difficult maneuver, it moved away, it was understood that the driver had intended to park in the area for campers which was occupied by the fair.

When a man and woman, Walter and Hollenstein, who had arrived from Austria, appeared out of this picturesque means of transportation it was clear that they weren’t actors.

This is really an unusual way to vacation which they explained to us as follows: “This is my husband’s passion. In Austria it is normal. We meet on the weekends with other tractors and form a caravan and tour around. This, however, is a special caravan”.

“It is different from the others”, she explains to us “It is made out of wood. The specialized company send us the plan and we transformed it this way. We were in the Grand Canary Islands for five months. I was inspired there to paint the house with symbols of a combination of Austria and the Grand Canaries”.

They are in San Casciano for another special reason. “Next week my daughter will arrive and get married in one of the local villas. We decided to come a few days early. We were going to park in the camper area, but it was closed. So we moved here. To shower and for bathroom facilities, we go to the swimming pool, which kindly allowed us access”.

During the trip, since the tractor holds only the driver, we asked her where she stayed. “I can’t stay inside the house while we travel, but I can comfortably sit in an area that corresponds to the tractor’s attachment, a type of balcony”.

And to speak with your husband? “We have walkie-talkies!”.

It is certainly an interesting way to take long trips, certainly more difficult for Walter who drives the tractor. And who knows how they will get to their daughter’s wedding. We hope they aren’t going to arrive….by tractor.

Antonio Taddei