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A passion, a lifestyle, a dream that becomes a profession and a daily way of life. Eight years ago, a native of Marcialla set up his “strange” business in the town of Tavarnelle.

Daniele Ciacci, know as Dany Tattoo, has deep blue eyes, a body almost completely covered in ink and an electronic cigarette in his mouth.

Although when he started he wasn’t understood, and even judged, by others, today it would seem unthinkable not to see the colorful comings and goings in via lV Novembre.

Every time the door opens we can see a world of personality. Fashions change, it is true. Right now tattoos are everywhere. But if Chianti Ink Tattoo flourishes, it is also thanks to the owner and his extraordinary talent, recognized by clients and connoisseurs.

“After two years of practice”, begins Daniele, who graduated from the Art Institute, “I opened the store in 2008. I learned a lot by getting tattoos, watching others, practicing on pigskin, and then on myself and friends. In addition to experience, a basic knowledge of design is fundamental”.

“I have always been attracted to tattoos”, he adds. “I got my first one when I was 17. And when my friends got tattoos, I accompanied them. Among the various genre, I specialized in the realistic… the reproduction of faces and objects”.

“If I am dealing with something I like or a design that I created”, he explains, “I could even do it for free. Otherwise, I consider tattooing simply a job. The job of an artisan”.

“Over the years, I have “branded” thousands of people”, he says smiling.”In the beginning, there were the locals, mostly young people from 16 to 30 years old. Now many come from the outside: Florence, Siena, Pisa, Livorno”.

Claudia is always in the studio together with me and takes care of appointments. And Dario “is there as well”, he continues. “About once every two months we invite an Italian or international tattoo artist. I also travel”.

“This is a very precious chance to exchange ideas”, concludes Danny Tattoo. “In our sector it is a very common practice….In fact, each professional is specialized in a different style: Japanese, tribal, old school”.

Noemi Bartalesi