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Official investiture of the Consortium of Finocchiona IGP (to which two key butcher shops belong: Antica Macelleria Falorni of Greve in Chianti and the Chianti Salumi of Tavarnelle), with a decree from the Minister of agricultural politics, food and Forestry.

The act officially gives the role of controlling and giving value to the product which has had the assignation of IGP since April, 2015, and represents an added plus for the control and the national and international promotion of the typical cold cut.

The ministerial recognition has been conferred when at least 66% of production is covered by companies from the Consortium, and represents unofficial investiture regarding the function of evaluating, controlling and vigilance which, otherwise would be the job of the Ministry.

“The recognition of the Consortium of Control of Finocchiona IGP”, affirms the president, Fabio Viani, “officially completes the path begun with the recognition of the IGP, Indicazione geografica protetta (protected geographic indication…attesting to the location of production) in April 2015, and will allow us to assume an even more incisive role in the valorization of our product, thus stimulating an increase in knowledgeable consumption with attention to quality”.

“For the Consortium”, adds the director of the consortium for Finocchiona IGP, Francesco Seghi, “it is an official appointment, ensuring 100 % control of the product. It gives us a direct possibility of controlling abuses, counterfeiting, and respect for national norms and community regulations, in collaboration with fundamental groups like the Icqrt, “Ispettorato centrale qualita’ repressione frodi del Ministero” (Central inspection for quality and the repression of fraud)”.