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“Amici Miei” (film about a group of Florentine friends), Chianti style: be prepared for another fabulous spontaneous outing on August 10.

Thirty people will be guests of the magnificent Torre del Chianti in San Casciano on the night of San Lorenzo for an exclusive happy hour and/or dinner. The tower will be the magical destination for an evening of panorama and gourmet offerings.

“La Tenda Rossa” of Cerbaia, (long famous restaurant known for some of the best food and wine in Tuscany) and the new, flavorful Mascetti  beer, (inspired by Conte Mascetti, film character interpreted by Ugo Tognazzi in the film, “Amici Miei”) are the hosts.

Parking is available in the nearby lot, ”I Chisci”, only a few meters from the Tower. You then rise up in a 33 meter high glass elevator to arrive at the top, where a 360° view of all of Chianti and even the Duomo of Florence can be seen.

The evening will be enriched by the tasting of the first craft beer inspired by Count Mascetti, ”La Titti”. The chefs of La Tenda Rossa, Maria Probst and Cristian Santandrea will be preparing the delicacies.

Their are two options for the evening: happy hour, including a glass of Mascetti beer with a “reinforcement” ( as the Count would have said): 15 euros per person. Reservations are required Dinner “bag”: 9:30 PM to midnight with a special menu partly inspired by “Amici Miei”: skewer of nine olives and cheese + onion flan + top cut porkburger with yogurt sauce and cucumber+ biscotti + craft beer by the glass: 30 euros per person.

Reservations are required- space is limited For information and reservations:  call 055–826132 or write to