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Provencal atmosphere, Chianti ambience: a visit to “Bonheur” introduces you to the elegant charm of Marina Cecchini’s shop. There you can find natural body products, soaps, perfumes, creams, furnishing accessories, the hand-made, and many exclusive Tuscan fabrics and other items.

Marina is the sister of the famous butcher, Dario Cecchini, and resembles him in face, courage and creativity. The rest is fruit of her labor, of her elegance, of her capacity to choose the best products for an international and local clientele, with one thing in common: the presence of quality.

We are in Panzano, the “Montmarte” of Chianti, where we expect to find only beautiful, fine, fascinating and unusual items. Marina Cecchini’s shop offers them all.

The shop, “Bonheur” (Happiness), had its 17th birthday on July 25th. It moved to Via Chiantigiana 9 last spring to a larger and more charming location. It faces the “Conca d’oro”, the area which combines the provinces of Florence and Siena.

“The uniting thread of Bonheur”, tells us Marina Cecchini, ”is the organic; natural products chosen with care in our territory, always of first quality, even if from small producers”.

“I have introduced the gamma of “Acqua del Chianti” products to our tested line based on olive oil, “Prima Spremitura”, much appreciated by foreigners. The products of Acqua del Chianti are all local, from Tuscan lavender to saffron produced by a young producer of Castellina in Chianti. The food products are from the company, ‘Cennatoio’ from Panzano. The fabrics and cashmere items from the “Antica tessitura Busatti” of Anghiari have represented our store for some time”.

“Bonheur is my world; even the furnishings recount moments of my life”, confides Marina. “The shop window is from my furniture restoration teacher, (a passion that I have developed since I was young). The little table was made by my beloved Marcello and the large piece comes from my aunt’s living room”.

Daniela Doddoli