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The Chianti Classico region has become synonymous with cycling on “white roads”, most likely thanks to the bicycle “L’ Eroica”. Currently, the “Società Sportiva Dilettantitica (Dilettantes’ Sport Club) L’Eroica” is promoting the creation of a Registry of Eroica Bicycles, to recuperate and revive the feeling of love towards grand cycling, now known as “Eroica”.

It consisted of fatigue and suffering, of epic contests and grand results.  The purpose of the registry is to gather news, dates and images of both racing and regular bicycles, still perfectly functioning, built in varying periods of time; this in order to know and appreciate why the bicycles are unusual, their history, and, above all, their unique beauty.

The registry has the pupose of gathering images, news and dates, with the end result of creating a catalogue of racing and regular bicyclyes which date back to before 1987.

All bicycles built before that year, which are in viable condition today (whether preserved or restored) are eligible. 1987 is considered the cut-off date for the Eroica bicycle because it represents the year in which the majority of bicycles substituted the traditional pedals with foot cages with the modern “Look” attachments (although some cyclists, notably the Frenchman, Hinault, already had been using these for a few years).

The registry is compiled under the form of numbered cards indicating brand, model, year of construction, color, height of the frame, eventual number of matriculation and provenance if known. Some particulars are also noted: group, brakes, handle bar, saddle, and annotations which might be interesting to catalogue.

On the card should be a photo indicating if the bike is restored or preserved and, in the latter case, the state of preservation (excellent, good, sufficient). The data declared is verified by a commission of experts, formed by collectors and fans of the sector.

The commission can choose not to accept the data provided by the owner, based on the experience and specific knowledge of its members. Following the recognition of the validity of the data provided, each “bicicletta eroica” will receive a copy of the certificate and an aluminum license plate with the registration number, which offers the possibility of attaching it to the frame.

Registration can be made by presenting the bicycle in Gaiole in Chianti every year on Friday or Saturday, before the “Eroica” race, or during the year, by Internet, by filling out the form available on the site

The transmission of data must be accompanied by a photo of the bicycle, taken from the right side witn a uniform, light colored background. You also need at least another 5 photos of the bicycle components: clutch, brakes, central movement, derailleur, steering, etc. Photos should not be larger than 500

You can register your bike here.