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Showing grit and determination, Giulia Caini, native of Panzano, inaugurated her law office in Via Chiantigiana 25, Panzano in Chianti.

Without missing a step, Giulia got her law degree in October of 2012 in Industrial Relations at the Department of Law of the University of Siena. Her thesis was entitled: “Nuovi assetti delle relazioni industriali dopo il caso Fiat” (New structures in industrial relations after the Fiat case).

Giulia spent the 18 months of obligatory forensic practice at the Del Rosso-Serafini Studio of Florence, covering labor law and social security. This was followed by a few months working in the Cassigoli legal studio (Florence) covering civil rights, and an internship for the project “Forza giovani” (Let’s go, Youth!) for the Tuscan Region; this while she was preparing her qualifying exam to enter the profession.

She performed brilliantly and passed the exam in October of 2015. She is now officially an “avvocato”, lawyer, officially registered since April, 2016.

“The first question I am asked”, says Giulia Caini, “is why I chose to open my office in Panzano. I am young and want to give myself a chance. If we look around, there are many big law offices but few young people. I am fortunate to live in a small Chianti town where there aren’t any lawyers. I took the opportunity to follow the profession here”.

Giulia is mainly trained in labor law, but also follows civil rights, contracts, Family Law, traffic accidents and everything that might need a lawyer’s assistence.

“One of the first things I am working on is a criminal law case”, says Giulia. “I study and consult with colleagues for more complicated cases. We are a group of lawyers with different specializations who support each other”.

Is it a challenge? “Yes, it is”, concludes Giulia. “Perhaps, due to my age I have that little something that pushes you to create initiative. But if I don’t create my own opportunity, I currently don’t see any other way to practice my profession.”

Daniela Doddoli