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“Dicàdalponte”, by Fabiano Bagnoli, edited by Ibiskos, isn’t a novel, but a story of life. It recounts the youth of its author in the town of Sambuca, on the edge of the Chianti territory, where Bagnoli lived for 40 years before moving to Poggibonsi.

But more than anything, it is the history of an epoch. We are in the mythical 70’s, where, in the midst of an economic boom, Italy is looking to change from poverty and the difficult years of post WWll.

We are heading towards consumerism, far from the frugal provincial life which is tied to old habits and an atavistic misery. It is here that the stories of the various protagonists meet, tied by a common destiny and a dialectal lexicon.

The book will make the reader smile by feeling part of the Easter Monday picnics, adventurous Sunday trips to the sea, and by tales of first loves, told with the light- hearted memory of never forgotten youth.

The scenes come to life and materialize page after page in a crescendo of memories which the author recounts to his traveling companion, whose identity we will learn at the end of the book.

The Pro Loco of Sambuca and the “Circolo Poeti e Scrittori” (Poets and Writers Club) Ibiskos Ulivieri, with the patronage of the Town Union of Chianti Fiorentino, are organizing the presentation for Tuesday, June 28 at 6pm, at the Centro Polifunzionale Don Cuba in via Giovanni XXlll in Sambuca.

The following will preside: David Baroncelli, Mayor of Tavarnelle, Antonella Lo Monaco, journalist, Andrea Giuntini, actor. The editors, Alessandra Ulivieri and the author, Fabiano Bagnoli will be present. A buffet will follow.