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The Casini Bindi Sergardi family is celebrating its impressive anniversay on Tuesday, June 28 with a Summer Cocktail Party.

It will be held at the “Fattoria di Mocenni”, one of the three bastions of the high level wine produced by the family in one of the oldest villages (dating back to 1067) of Castelnuovo Berardenga.

It is a period which covers 23 generations and 667 years! They are also celebrating the restoration of the villa, which, respecting its history, has become the home of Alessandra Casini Bindi Sergardi, CEO of the family wine business.

The origins of the Bindi Sergardi dynasty have been documented since the year 1349. The family currently operates in various sectors, from agriculture to real estate, lead by the five children of Nicolò Casini, who continues to be a point of reference for the company.

“Calidonia”, the Chianti Classico Riserva named after the founder of the Bindi Sergardi business, is one of the wine protagonists.

Today, after more than 600 years, there is another woman leading the wine sector, Alessandra Casini Bindi Sergardi.

Besides the Fattoria di Mocenni, immersed in the heart of the Chianti Classico territory, Bindi Sergardi has two other estates in the province of Siena: the Fattoria I Colli, along the via Francigena in Monteriggioni, a location noted for its production of Chianti Colli Senesi wines, and the estate of Marcianella, south of Siena in the town of Chiusi, where high quality wine has been produced since Etruscan times.

Here you can find various varieties of Chianti and Chianti of the Colli Senesi. More than 100 guest of international oenological fame will be present.

They represent countries where Bindi Sergardi exports their wines: Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Sweden, England, USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Israel and Russia. On the following day, guests will enjoy an exclusive visit to the beautiful sites of the territory and will attend the Palio of Siena from a privilaged viewing point: Chigi Palace in Piazza del Campo.