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Many will remember the third edition of the “Gastronomarcia” (Food Walk). The almost 200 participants in the wine/food excursion, was organized by the Compagnia di Monsanto.

Thanks to an archeologist, they acquired precious information about the remains of the Castello (Castle) of Cepparello (also known as ‘i Casaolnni’) and about the castles of the period.

The participants walked 15 kilometers among forests and vineyards, touching the farms of Isole and Olena and the Castle of Monsanto. Along the way, tasting of fine wines and excellent home made food were available to satisfy everyone’s thirst and hunger.

The tired but happy, satisfied faces rewarded the efforts made by the organization. Compagnia di Monsanto is already excited and ready for the “Gastronomarcia” of 2017… countdown starts now!